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Active Learning Techniques Workshops

University of Colorado CU-SEI clicker workshops page

University of Colorado CU-SEI clicker workshop materials
This page contains materials, such as worksheets and activities, developed for the CU-SEI workshops.

December 2011 CWSEI Workshops - Effective Peer Instruction Using Clickers
by Cynthia Heiner and Peter Newbury (Physics and Astronomy, UBC)

      Peer Instruction Workshop
      Example Clicker Questions
      Creating Good Clicker Questions in Physics and Astronomy
      Tri-Fold: Ready, Set, React! Getting the most out of peer instruction using clickers

Learning Goals Workshops

Research has shown that students don't necessarily learn what professors think they are teaching, producing significant gaps in student understanding. This workshop is designed to help you bridge this gap. In the workshop, you will define conceptual learning goals for your courses, design assessment questions that specifically address core concepts, and learn how to use assessment techniques during class to gauge student learning. You will also learn how to connect your exam questions to the broader goals of the class. You will work in groups with faculty from similar disciplines to generate and analyze goals and questions, and will also put into practice ongoing assessment of your students in between workshop sessions.

Slides from the Wieman Learning Goals Workshop
Learning Goals/Objectives Examples Good examples of learning goals developed by departments involved in the SEIs at UBC and CU.

Connecting Learning Goals and Assessments Workshop by Stephanie Chasteen (CU-SEI), 2011
Workshop Slides:    

More on learning goals on the Learning Goals page

New Science Faculty Workshops — September 2008

1. How People learn – the Science of learning    
This session covered some basics of research on learning, and the implications of this work for being an effective teacher. This includes what is known about how the brain learns, its limitations and strengths, and what enhances and inhibits learning and retention.

2. Implementing Principles of Learning    
This built on the first session and explored what studies say as to the effectiveness of various teaching practices and how these results connect to basic research on learning.