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Instructor Guidance

Documents developed to help instructors apply research-based instructional practices.


Documents developed to provide practical advice for learning more in university courses.


Resources to help instructors use clickers (personal response systems) effectively in a classroom.


Short videos produced by the CU-SEI and the CWSEI showing a variety of teaching techniques in action (Peer Instruction with clickers, worksheets, 2-stage exams, etc.) with advice on how to use these techniques effectively.

Learning Goals

Documents on the value of learning goals, how to develop them, and examples of good learning goals.


— Classroom Observation Protocol for Undergraduate STEM (COPUS)
— Teaching Practices Inventory
— Student Engagement Observation Protocol
— Learning Attitudes about Science Surveys (CLASS, E-CLASS, etc.)
— Workshop materials developed by CWSEI and CU-SEI

Course Transformation Resources

Resources for instructors and institutions on the SEI course transformation model, including Science Teaching & Learning Fellow role and development.


Includes research papers on how people learn and various aspects of teaching, learning, and assessment in science, often at the discipline specific level.

Other Resources

Includes course transformation guidance documents, a list of highly recommended books available for loan, materials for Teaching Assistant Training, various lectures on science education, articles by Carl Wieman, and other web resources.

A Sample of the resources, including recent additions:

Assessments That Support Student Learning
2-page summary of key points and factors from the review paper “Conditions Under Which Assessment Supports Student Learning,” including CWSEI suggestions on implementing good assessment and feedback without spending excessive time marking.

Clicker Resource Guide
An instructor's guide to the effective use of personal response systems ("clickers") in teaching, prepared by CU-SEI and UBC-CWSEI staff & associates. (updated June 2009)

First Day of Class
Recommendations for Instructors on establishing the course environment early in the Term. (updated July 2009)

Science Education Initiative Suggested Indicators for Full Implementation
Guidance to Departments, Faculty members, and Science Teaching & Learning Fellows on the activities and accomplishments that maximize the chances that the efforts on a particular course meet the science education initiative goals.

Course Transformation Expectations
A checklist for course transformation and sustainability developed by the UBC Earth & Ocean Sciences Department Science Education Initiative program (EOS-SEI).

STLF-Faculty Interaction Model
A general model for Science Teaching & Learning Fellow (STLF)-Faculty member interactions.

Group Work in Educational Settings
A short description of different approaches to student group work and their benefits, requirements, and implementation logistics, prepared by CU-SEI and UBC-CWSEI staff & associates.

Teaching Expert Thinking
A guide for using invention activities to develop expert thinking (prepared by Wendy Adams and Carl Wieman, CU-SEI and UBC-CWSEI, and Dan Schwartz, Stanford School of Education).

Succeeding at Learning 101
Prepared by the CWSEI. Practical advice for learning more in university courses.  
A list of practices suggested for university students from faculty observation and from research on student learning

Wendy Adams' Ph.D. Thesis - Covers research on design and effectiveness of interactive simulations, CLASS learning attitudes about science survey, and research on measuring specific components of scientific problem solving.

Wieman — APS News Back Page, November 2007 with references
The "Curse of Knowledge" or Why Intuition About Teaching Often Fails