CWSEI Dept. Director: Bruce Dunham
STLF (emeritus): Gaitri Yapa
Faculty: A. Bouchard-Cote, B. Dunham, P. Gustafson, Y. Lim, N. Nolde, J. Petkau, W. Welch, L. Wu, E. Yu


The Statistics CWSEI program started in 2007 and initially concentrated on the transformation of STAT 200, Elementary Statistics for Applications, an introductory course presently taken by around one thousand undergraduate students per year. In recent years our focus has expanded to enhance the teaching and assessment on STAT 241/251, Elementary Statistics (a calculus-based introduction for Applied Science and Computer Science students), STAT 300, Intermediate Statistics for Applications (a second course accessible to any student with a generic first course in Statistics), STAT 302, Introduction to Probability, STAT 305, Introduction to Statistical Inference, and STAT 443, Time Series and Forecasting. Our aim is to enhance the teaching and learning experience within our undergraduate courses through methods of proven effectiveness. There are eight faculty members and one STLF recently involved in the Statistics department's CWSEI project.

PDF Poster (CWSEI EOY 2014): Recent Developments in the Transformation of Statistics Courses With Highlights on Study Skills Workshops and Lab TA Surveys

PDF Poster (CWSEI EOY 2013): An Overview of Transformations of Statistics Courses via CWSEI, with highlights on interactive engagement in STAT 300, STAT 302 and STAT 305

PDF Poster (CWSEI EOY 2012): Recent Developments in the Transformation of Statistics Courses with Highlights on Revisions to STAT 241/251 Labs