Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences


There are currently 3 Science Teaching & Learning Fellows (STLFs) in EOAS: Tara Holland, Sarah Sherman, and Francis Jones (now working on a Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund project). The STLFs work with the EOAS Department CWSEI Director Sara Harris, the EOAS Teaching Initiatives Committee, and individual faculty. For the Department’s own website outlining work and people involved please see

The EOAS-SEI has impacted all aspects of the department's undergraduate education program:

  • At the curriculum level, we are developing plans for a “Curriculum Matrix” which will explicitly identify links in learning goals among courses, help us identify and remedy gaps, overlaps, and bottlenecks, and serve as a dynamic roadmap for future curriculum evolution.
  • At the course level, we’re targeting specific courses for attention and will work our way through EOAS’ curriculum, aiming to involve as many faculty members as possible.  Revisions will be planned by course-specific “Working Groups”, which involve not only primary instructors but also those who teach peripheral courses (pre-, post-, and co-requisites).
  • We will be developing and using instruments to assess student achievement of learning goals and also their attitudes about science.
  • Our graduate students are involved as an integral part of the undergraduate teaching and learning effort and we have developed a new TA training program to better meet the needs of grad students, undergraduates, and faculty.
  • Broader departmental involvement is being fostered via brown bag seminars, the bulletin board, and the (approximately) monthly EOAS-SEI Times newsletter. Seminar and brown bag topics have included discussion of clickers, attitudinal survey report, mid-term and end-of-term surveys, multiple choice exam questions, on-line discussions as a learning tool, Critical Incident Questionnaires, and other happenings in ENVR 200, assessing geoscience programs, Just-in-Time teaching, and setting exams.
  • We are setting up structures that will ensure that improvements in teaching and learning in EOAS are sustained and continue to evolve.

Transforming An Upper-Year Mineral Deposits Class Through Interactive Engagement
Brett Gilley, James S. Scoates, Kenneth A. Hickey (EOAS, UBC), poster at the Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC (Oct 2014)

Students’ Perceptions of Teaching & Learning Experiences after 7 years of CWSEI support
Francis Jones (EOAS, UBC), poster at the UBC Science Education Open House (April 2016)