Physics 408: Optics (2014/15) Lab computer problems

Some of you have had problems recently with accessing the lab computers. Below is an email from the PHAS IT dept about this

If students login Linux computer, they may experience “Failed to start session” error and couldn’t login Linux. Here is the solution:

1.       Press Ctrl+Alt+F3 switch to terminal window and login with their PHAS account

2.       Rm .Xauthority file

3.       Press Ctrl+Alt+F7 to login GUI interface to see if it fixes the problem

4.       If it fixes the problem, press Ctrl+Alt+F3 again, type exit to exit the terminal window

5.       If the student still couldn’t login, switch back to Ctrl+Alt+F3 terminal again

6.       Mv .profile .profile.old, mv .login .login.old

7.       Press Ctrl+Alt+F7 to login GUI interface, it should work




Hello All,

About the login problem, the student has to make sure they have the correct password, if they forgot the password, they can come to Hennings 203C to reset the password.

About saving files, basically, we don't let user save anything on the local computer, when they login the computer, their home directory should be mounted automatically, they should save everything under their home directory.

About the permission issue, it was caused by a Group Policy update I did last summer. I only tested to make sure all the programs are running OK, but somehow the group policy block user from open folders on the Desktop. I still need to find out which program the open folder action use, and then put it on the allow to run program list.

But for now, I switch it back to use the old Group Policy, which will redirect all the Ugrads accounts' Desktop (c:\progs\Desktop) and Programs (c:\progs\Programs) folder to the same location. Under this policy, the students couldn't open Desktop folder as well, but they can navigate through the Start->Desktop->SubFolder, and then open the files under the subfolder.

There are two reasons I want to use the new group policy:
1. More secure, only allowed programs can run, so it will prevent the user from doing any damage on the computer.
2. Easy to manage, sometimes after the software update, I forgot to create new shortcuts under c:\progs\Programs folder, then the student will not be able to access the software.

I will run more test on the new group policy and deploy it when it's fully tested.