Physics 408: Optics Laboratory
Computer Usage

Note : this page is primarily for the linux computer usage



Image Capture

The tool xawtv can be used to tor the camera view and to capture JPEG images from the camera. xawtv can be launched from a command line using xawtv or a Desktop icon can be created by copying /usr/local/etc/xawtv.desktop to your Desktop directory.

Known Bug with UBUNTU

How to start any program from UBUNTU system.  Left click on dash-home button in toolbar.  This enables a search for applications.  The three applications are xawtv, system monitor (for closing crashed programs), and terminal.  Now, on some of the computers when you start xawtv it crashes. On first attempt you get a green screen and software hangs.  Then you go to task manager and shut that down.  On second attempt you get black screen. Shut down with task manager and on third attempt, it works.

Plotting and Analysis